Premarital Counseling

Couples frequently spend thousands of dollars on their wedding, neglecting premarital counseling or any form of preparation for marriage. In an effort to strengthen marriages, families, and indirectly, communities, Rapha Christian Counseling has developed a pre-marital counseling package for couples who want to prepare for this important life change.



A. Help couples in practical ways to learn about:



Conflict Styles & Resolution



Emotional Intimacy

Stress in the relationship & how each deals with it


B. Provide for couples a place to discuss how, if at all, they plan to integrate their faith into their marriage.


C. Provide a realistic screening aspect for the marriage. Should the couple marry? Are they ready? (The ultimate decision always rests with the couple.)



During the first session, both parties will be administered the Prepare instrument. The Prepare measures a variety of categories in relationships such as conflict, communication, roles, financial management, spiritual beliefs, leisure time, etc. This instrument is also available in versions for those who have children from a previous marriage and those who are over 50 getting re-married due to death or divorce.


During the second, third, fourth and fifth sessions the couple will review the information from the Prepare instrument and look at how the families they grew up in impact their relationship.


With the standard rate for counseling over a hundred dollars per session, cost can be a factor for young couples just starting out. In an attempt to meet this need in the community, RCC has developed a package of five sessions and the testing instruments for a total of $375. Additional sessions and additional instruments that help understand temperment differences are available at a reduced rate from the standard if necessary.