Rapha Christian Counseling is in the business of equipping people for life through professional counseling from the Christian perspective. By offering therapy and education, we strive to help people see themselves and others as God does—thus enabling individuals to make the changes they seek.

We accept most major insurance plans but are unable to accept Medicare or Medicaid. If you want to use insurance, please check with your plan to ensure that you have counseling benefits and do not have a deductible that must be met first.  

The foundation of our approach is to offer a safe, supportive relationship between client and counselor.

Rapha believes there is great value in connecting with other Christians in the struggles, challenges and joys of life.

To contact us, please call 972-257-0449 and press "0" to leave a message, or email us at info@rapha.info. To reach a specific counselor, please follow the prompts on our dial-by-name directory.